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A Few Truths About Water That Will Amaze You

Human and also earth’s survival is heavily reliant on the basic element of water. You can find water in almost all areas possible. At first glance, one can find water a little basic and boring. This is because water lacks that wow factor when you look at these facts about water. But, when you do a lot of investigation and research, you can find that water has some amazing facts that you probably did not know about. In the following paragraphs, this article seeks to discover these unknown facts and explains them in detail. It enables you to discover some amazing elements about water that you probably did not know about and hence you will be surprised.

The first element to know is that it is possible to die from drinking too much water. This is what is known as water intoxication. You can also refer to it as hyper-hydration. When you consume a lot of water on a short period, you could end up causing harm to your body and ultimately die. Taking in a lot of water usually leads to dilution of salts and electrolytes in the body. This is what results to a kidney malfunction. Such an issue is what can cause you to die.

Another amazing fact is that only thirty percent of water can be used. It is possible to find a lot of articles showing that the surface of the earth is extensively covered with a lot of water. But most of this water can only be found in seas. And seawater is essentially inconsumable by mankind. This then leaves only thirty percent of water possible for functions such as the growth of crops, industry functions and domestic uses and as a blade. Additionally, it is important to know that only one percent of water is safe for human consumption. The other percentage that can be termed as usable is either unsafe to drink or just too salty.

Another amazing fact is that the atmosphere of the earth is generally full of water. It is indeed true that there is a lot of water incorporated in the skies. This water cannot be seen with the bare human eye. As a matter of fact, according to scientists, water found in the skies is more than all the water collected from all rivers in the world. This fact is essentially interesting because no matter how hard you look at the sky; you can’t be able to see this water. It is even more amazing when you go ahead to think of how the water can stay up there for long.